Copeland Scholarship

Suwannee County Conservation District and W.B. “Bernie” Copeland Scholarship

SUWANNEE COUNTY CONSERVATION DISTRICT AND W.B. “BERNIE” COPELAND SCHOLARSHIP AT UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA’S, COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & LIFE SCIENCES NAME OF AWARD: This scholarship endowment fund shall be known as, Suwannee County Conservation District and W.B. “Bernie” Copeland Scholarship in memory of Col. J. C. Copeland as he was affectionately known, in honor of Jim Senterfitt, long-time Conservationist and District Supervisor, and Ted Henderson, Past (1998-2000) Chairman of the Conservation District, in recognition of their dedication toward the conservation and development of Suwannee County natural resources.

OFFERED AT: University of Florida’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

ELIGIBILITY: The recipient must be accepted and planning to enroll as a student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences seeking a bachelor’s degree in the agricultural sciences or related fields.
For future awards the recipient must maintain academic eligibility and demonstrate normal progress toward a bachelor’s degree. The applicant must be a graduate from the Suwannee County School System, or hold a GED Certificate.

APPLICATION: Application can be made through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Florida, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, 2014 McCarty Hall.
The Suwannee County Conservation District Board of Supervisors reserves the right to recommend candidates to the Selection Committee for consideration.

AWARD: Scholarships will be awarded annually based on financial need, academic performance and fund availability. Funds will be made available to the recipient for the purpose of tuition, fees, and/or books. The principal (sum) of the account is to remain intact and shall not be allocated for use. It is the intent of the donor that cash not be awarded directly to the students. The amount of cash on hand in the account, and state matches, and the amount of interest earned on the principal (if any) will determine scholarship funds available.

The 2018-2019 recipient is Lukas Pidgeon, majoring in Soil & Water Science:

The 2017-2018 recipients are as follows:

Katie Bassett, Microbiology & Cell Science

Shelly Williams, Animal Sciences