Public Speaking Contest - 2014

"Dig Deeper:
What are the Mysteries in the Soil?"

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Branford High Student Wins State
Speaking Contest

Sara Humphreys, a 10 th grade student at Branford High School, won the Association of Florida Conservation Districts (AFCD) Annual Conservation Speech Contest. The contest was held in Ocala on July 27 th. Contestants from each of the four AFCD areas of Florida competed at local and area level. (AREA I -West Florida, AREA II- North Central Florida, AREA III-Central Florida and AREA IV-South Florida) Area winners then competed at the State level. The topic this year was “WHERE DOES YOUR WATER SHED?” Sara was able to edge out the other students in points and received a check from AFCD for $500.00. She also received checks totaling $175.00 for local and AREA II competition. Each of the four students also received checks from AFCD, and all students represented their areas well.

The Suwannee County Conservation District is proud of all our speech contestants and we thank their teachers, advisors, and parents for their continued support.


Public Speaking Contest - 2013

"Where does your water shed?"

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This Contest is designed to develop leadership through participation in public speaking activities and stimulate interest in conserving our natural resources, especially as it relates to Agriculture.

This Contest is open to any Florida school student, grades 6 – 12, including home school students and virtual school students.

Each Soil and Water Conservation District will select one Contestant to compete in their Area Contest.*

Each Area 1st place contestant will advance to the State Competition. *

A previous first place State winner will not be allowed to compete again.

Contestants shall not use a speech presented at any previous years’ Area or State Contest and will be disqualified for doing so. In the event of the disqualification of a Contestant who has placed, each subsequently placed Contestant will then move up in placement (i.e., second place becomes first place, third place becomes second, etc.)

The contestants who have won the right to compete in the State Contest will provide one typed (or computer generated) copy of their speech, double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 inch plain white paper at least two weeks prior to the State Contest. One cover letter with the contestant’s name, speech title, parent / guardian name, home address, home phone number, school name and address and AFCD Area represented must accompany the speech.   Speech may be sent in hard copy, faxed or emailed (email is preferred.)

Contestants must not give their name or introduce themselves by name as part of their speech. Contestants will be introduced as “Contestant number one, Contestant number two” and so forth.  While Judges are finalizing the scores, students will be introduced and asked to give personal information.

By entering this State Contest, each Contestant understands that articles and photographs will be submitted to local, state and national media.

Contestants may use notes while speaking. Visual and audio aides may not be used.

Dress is optional, except that no attire will identify him/her with any organization.

After all Contestants have finished speaking, the Judges will retire to a joint session with a State Facilitator Representative. Scorecards will be completed and the winners will be determined.

Time Limit:

Each speech will be not less than six minutes or more than eight minutes long. Time under or over these limits, respectively, will cost the Contestant two points for each 15 seconds or part thereof.


The following items and points will be used by the Judges to score each Contestant:





Relevance to given topic


Treatment (material used & accuracy of statements)


Originality (subject matter & treatment)





Organization, cohesiveness, grammar, style





Voice (enunciation, modulation)


Personal appearance (neatness, posture)


Communicative expertise (sincerity, ability to convey thought & meaning)


Stage presence (gestures, visual contact)






*It is the responsibility of Districts and Areas to break ties in the speech contest. 
Each District is only able to send the top winner to the area contest and each Area is only able to send the top winner to the State Contest.


Contest Score Sheet

2012 Public Speaking Contest Winners

Should food crops be used for fuel?

1st place Cady Smith, Area 2, St. Johns SWCD, St. Johns County
2nd place Nicholas Kielbasa, Area 4 Okeechobee SWCD, Okeechobee County
3rd place Georgia Anne Pevy, Area 1, Jackson SWCD, Jackson County
4th place n/a